Root Canal Treatment

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  • You may experience moderate pain and sensitivity to pressure on your tooth. You may also notice gum soreness for few days after your treatment. The healing process may take several days but the pain and discomfort should subside gradually.
  • Take any medication that was prescribed for you according to instructions.
  • A temporary filling is usually placed inside the tooth between root canal appointments. Be gentle biting on this tooth until a permanent restoration has been placed. 
  • Do not chew on foods that are sticky if there is a temporary restoration placed, as this may dislodge the temporary. 
  • Continue  brushing and flossing as directed.
  • Follow up with the placement of your permanent restoration as you have been advised. Any unnecessary delay on placement of final restoration may damage the tooth permanently.
  • Call our office if you are in severe pain or experience swelling or if you have any questions.


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